The Annual Meeting of the North Salem Historical Society will be on Friday, October 21, 2022, at 7:00pm at the North Salem Firehouse, Titicus Road, North Salem, NY. Notice is hereby given that vacancies will exist on the Board of Trustees due to the expiration of terms for the following: Peter Bliss, Kate Bartsch, Val Bobbin, Donna Taylor and Julie Musante. Members in good standing wishing to propose individuals for consideration by the nominating committee must send their recommendations in by October 1.

Nominations should be addressed to North Salem Historical Society, Box 31, North Salem, New York 10560, or emailed to


The White Elephant, that is....

All throughout the Covid period our trustees have been diligently organizing, cataloging, sorting and cleaning our collections. We are excited to show you some of our favorites! Several will be on display and many will be shown on a 15-minute slide presentation.

If you would like, please bring a dessert of your choosing (maybe Mom or Dad’s, or Grandma’s, favorite recipe from long ago)!

We are hesitant to restart our annual pot-luck supper just yet, but desserts while conversing with neighbors and friends may be easiest for those choosing to still keep their distance. Come after dinner and feast on some delightful desserts! We’ll still have a bar and coffee and tea. Enjoy our textiles, documents and photos that will be on display. Our brief business meeting will begin at 8:00pm followed by the slide show.

Members in good standing, free. Membership is only $25 per family. Additional membership forms will be available at the front table.

Please use this night of history and camaraderie to introduce a friend to the Society. Thank you for your continued support!

Save the Date -- NEW DATE !

Friday, October 7, 2022 -- Cocktail party at the beautiful home of Jackie and Peter Kamenstein - the old schoolhouse for the Grant children !

Tour the grounds and first floor of this historic structure that has seen several modifications over the years, including the joining of the old ice house.

Invitations will be out soon.

Strawberry Festival 2022: We are sure hoping that we will be able to bring back our most popular annual event this summer. We are working on our theme and will post a Save-the-Date as soon as we nail things down!

Small Town Life: Did you know that 34 years ago former resident Rita Gilbert and the Bicentennial Committee put on the production of the Century! Featuring all local residents (who knew we had so much talent!) the show was a series of vignettes recounting North Salem's colorful past starting with, "In The Beginning....was the Rock!" We are toying with the idea of an outdoor showing of the original production.....stay tuned!

Follow us in the North Salem News: Each month we will feature a news article on a North Salem Nugget - a small accounting of a local person, place, event, etc. See History Nuggets in the left hand column. Please be sure to check them out!

School Yearbook Collection: Between the school, library, town historian and a few private collections we have managed to assemble a copy of every school yearbook, see link below.

Purdys Central High: Please visit their website compliments of Pier "Peter" V. Guidi, Class of '62:

It is chockful of wonderful memorabilia on the classes that attended Purdys Central High. On that site you will see their film, One More Day - North Salem Remembers, by Bob Field, writer and editor, Class of ‘63. Bob interviewed many graduates and did the filming in town.