2023 . . . .Save the Dates:

Friday, October 27, 2023 Our Annual Meeting.  

North Salem Nugget:  A small accounting of a local person, place, event, etc.  See History Nuggets in the left hand column.  Please be sure to check them out!

School Yearbook Collection:  Between the school, library, town historian and a few private collections we have managed to assemble a copy of every school yearbook, see link below.

Purdys Central High:  Please visit the website compliments of Pier "Peter" V. Guidi, Class of '62:  PurdysCentralHigh

Small Town Life:  Did you know that 34 years ago former resident Rita Gilbert and the Bicentennial Committee put on the production of the Century!  Featuring all local residents (who knew we had so much talent!) the show was a series of vignettes recounting North Salem's colorful past starting with, "In The Beginning....was the Rock!"  We are toying with the idea of an outdoor showing of the original production.....stay tuned!

It is chockful of wonderful memorabilia on the classes that attended Purdys Central High.  On that site you will see their film, One More Day - North Salem Remembers, by Bob Field, writer and editor, Class of ‘63.  Bob interviewed many graduates and did the filming in town.