We've pooled our resources with the Town Historian and now have a wonderful collection of maps of North Salem from the 1700s to present day. Most are just copies, but good ones. Some are originals. Some we have scanned and you can view them at town hall. The original collection was assembled by former trustee Warren Kass and has since been updated by town historian Susan Thompson and NSHS officer Cynthia Curtis. For more information please contact us by email or phone Cynthia Curtis at 914-274-7206.




As of January 2020

1650 Visscher Map:

1732-34 Sketch of the Partition of Cortlandt Manor among the Heirs of Stephanus Van Cortlandt, 10 x 7 from Landlord and Tenant in Colonial New York 1664-1775.

1776 Abraham Close Map of Upper Salem 1776 and Close Map, Litchfield to Fairfield and The Oblong. Close, a resident of North Salem, was a Loyalist who drew these maps for the British.

1778-80 Westchester Heritage Map: Indian occupation – Colonial and Revolutionary Names, Structures and Events; Roads originally surveyed by Robert Erskine. Published by The Junior League of Westchester-on-Hudson 1978.

1779 A Chorographical Map of the Province of New York in North America by Claude Joseph Sauthier, London. Reproduced in 1971 by Town of LaGrange Sesquicentennial Committee.

1779 Robert Erskine’s Map #43 D (Surveyor General to George Washington) – from Ridgebury to Somers.

1781-82 Maps of Alexander Berthier, aide to Comte de Rochambeau. Eleventh March from Ridgebury to North Castle and Thirty-ninth camp at Salem on return from Yorktown, October 1782.

1788 Van Cortland manor lots. Drawn in 1976, this map shows the outline of the Town of North Salem after 1788, highlighting Van Cortland manor lots. Origin unknown.

1795 Road Districts from North Salem town minutes

1797 Benjamin Smith’s 1797 Plan of the Town of Salem (Lewisboro).

1798 Daniel Delavan Map and description of the Town of North Salem.

1800 Pathmasters List from North Salem town minutes

1800 Walter K. Ritch Map of North Salem in 1800. This is the 1798 Delavan map with annotations by Ritch c. 1910.

1829 David H. Burr Map of Westchester County, Detail of North Salem. Burr was Surveyor General. Census data on table.

c. 1830 Colton’s Map of Long Island and Vicinity of New York, Detail of North Salem. This map appeared in Robert Bolton’s History of Westchester County in 1948 but seems to be from an earlier period. Location of original unknown.

Pre-1846 Denton Smith and James, Underhill property along Mills Road, step barns and behind.

1846 John F. Jenkins 1846 -7, Map of North Salem, drawn from an actual survey. Jenkins was principal of the North Salem Academy. Lithographs by Jones & Newman. Map had more than one edition, since names of property owners are not all the same on the two known versions.

1848 Map of road leading from Somerstown Lane to Purdys Station. Surveyed by E.B. Lane.

1850 Hydrographic Map of New-York, Westchester and Putnam Croton Aqueduct before Reservoir. Lithograph by N. Currier.

1851 Sidney & Neff Map of Westchester County, detail of North Salem.

1855 Map of a Farm at North Salem Westchester County belonging to Elizabeth C. Delancey showing respective portions held by tenants. Surveyed and drawn by John B. Holmes (The land, 158 acres, is along Hardscrabble and Delancey Roads and is better known as the former North Salem Winery).

1858 Map of Westchester County, New York, North Salem section by F.C. Merry.

1859 Maps of land belonging to the Heirs of Thomas Brown surveyed May 16, 1859 by G. S. Avery. (This land was along Titicus Road, on both sides of the River before the reservoir was formed.)

1861 A Map of Lands belonging to G. S. Avery in Croton Falls surveyed by him.

1863 Pieces of an original Map of the Towns of Lewisboro and Pound Ridge and North Salem published by Clark & Wagner 1863.

1865 Map of Peach Lake Cemetery (now Vail’s Cemetery) surveyed by Edward Ryder.

c. 1865 A map of Croton Falls including parcel numbers.

1867-68 F.W. Beers Atlas of Westchester County, maps of North Salem with the villages of Purdys, Croton Falls, Salem Center. P. 19

1872 F.W. Beers Atlas of New York and Vicinity p. 80 with details of Croton Falls, Purdys, Salem Center and North Salem.

c. 1870` Map of Ridgefield, CT, (possibly Beers?)

1871 Map of School District #2 along Titicus Road from Purdys through North Salem and also up Keeler Lane.

1881 Map of North Salem and villages from G.W. Bromley Atlas of Westchester County showing property owners.

1880-90 Jenny Totten’s map of old Purdys showing property owners. Prepared by former Town Historian Richard de Frances from the recollections of Jenny Totten.

1889 Aqueduct Commissioners Topographical Map of Croton Watershed by W. E. Worthen.

1891 Topographical map Westchester County – Bedford to State Line. Just North Salem copied.

1891 Map No. 1 Department of Public Works City of New York Property Maps of Additional Land Required for the Construction of Reservoir M in the Town of North Salem, Westchester County, New York County Clerk Map 1003.

1893 J.R. Bien Atlas of Westchester County. This is the last known map of the town before the reservoir was completed.

1896 Map of lands taken by City of New York in Croton Falls.

1903 The Aqueduct Commissioners Map of proposed road, south side of Titicus Reservoir. Filed July 1903 with Albert Lobdell, Town Clerk.

1905 Subdivision of George Juengst Property Map 1511, filed June 3, 1905 in the office of the County Clerk.

1907 Map of property belonging to Ogden Mills and H. B. Anderson. Includes Mountain Lakes and Port of Missing Men.

1907 G.W. Bromley’s Atlas of Westchester County, Plate 54 Westchester County Ridgefield to Yorktown, Putnam County to Cross River. Before subdivisions.

1908 Map of North Salem from E. Belcher Hyde Atlas of Rural Districts North of New York City.

1910 Sanborn Map Company map of Croton Falls; certified copy of field surveys including reference to water facilities and fire department.

1911 G.M. Hopkins Atlas of Westchester County, Town of North Salem (plate 43) and Part of the Town of Lewisboro, ncludes the trolley line that was never completed.

1914 Survey of property of Ira S. Tuttle in the town of North Salem. May1914.

1915 Assessment map of North Salem by Wulff Engineering. Purdys and area south of Reservoir.

1918 Surveyed tax maps of the villages of Purdys and Croton Falls.

1918 Road (First Street) at Croton Falls, Town of North Salem.

c. 1920 Tax maps of Purdys and Croton Falls.

1924 Sanborn Map Company map of Croton Falls; certified copy of field surveys including references to water facilities and fire department.

1930 G.M. Hopkins Atlas of Westchester County, Map of North Salem (p. 43, vol. 4) with proposed subdivisions.

c. 1930-40 Map with property owners identified, south of 116, East of Turkey Hill. Source unknown.

1931 Delancey Road - Highway maps showing proposed development off Delancey Road. Ben Van Scoy, Supt. Of Highways.

1935 WPA Survey of the Village of Purdys. Has building configurations but not ownership.

1935 Dolph – Stewart, North Salem portion only, Street, Road and Property Ownership Map of Northern Westchester Co., New York.

1938 Tax Assessment Maps of the town of North Salem showing some buildings. Book.

1941 Dolph’s Atlas of Westchester County, Map of North Salem.

1943 Westchester Department of Planning Maps.

1944 Two bound copies of Westchester Department of Planning Map.

1947 Map of Spring Lot prepared for Virginia Burgess and Magdalene Juengst, Croton Falls.

1953 Hagstrom’s Atlas of Westchester County, Map of North Salem.

1958 Peach Lake Quadrangle, Department of the Interior Geological Surveys, 2 copies.

1960 Croton Falls Quadrangle, Department of the Interior Geological Survey

1960 Building Zone Map of the Town of North Salem Photoengravers plate.

1960 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

Pre I684 Kaiser Handi-book map of Katonah, Bedford Hills, Somers, North Salem and Lewisboro.

1966 Sheet 2 from North Salem Assessment maps Hardscrabble, 684 Field and Sun Valley

1976 Sheet 3 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps – Hardscrabble Road by the Orchards

1976 Aerials of North Salem Westchester County Department of Planning and Water Quality Planning Task Force Area Wide Waste Management Program.

1978 Historical Tour of North Salem. North Salem Historical Society Map

1978 Sheet 42 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps – Nash Road

1978 Sheet 4 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps -- center portion of Hardscrabble Road

1980 Sheet 25 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps Peach Lake Road, Vail & Finch

1981 Sheet 5 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps. Hardscrabble and June Roads.

1982 Sheet 22 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps --Titicus Road from June to Mill Hollow.

1982 Sheet 43 from Town of North Salem Assessment maps Nash Road.

1985 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

1991 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

1997 Hagstrom’s Atlas, Part of North Salem page

1997 Maptech topographical map of Mountain Lakes and part of North Salem.

2002 Media Ventures map of Somers, North Salem, Bedford.

2003 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

2004 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

2005 Chamber of Commerce Map of North Salem.

2007 Mail-a-map street map of Lewisboro and North Salem.