Town Historian

Susan Thompson is currently the town historian for the Town of North Salem. She was appointed by the Supervisor. This is a state-mandated position and state law defines the historian’s responsibilities -- acquire, research and protect documents, maps and photographs; interpret the past through research; answer queries from residents on everything from genealogy and property history to the best place to fish in the reservoir; work with the library, the historical society and students on history projects and displays; and serve ex officio on the Historic Preservation Commission and on our Board of Trustees.

She does pretty much what the historical society does! So, we work together....and it's more fun that way.

Susie wrote a series of articles for the North Salem News and we have her permission to share them with you. We will post them periodically. Hope you enjoy these tidbits on North Salem's history. Several are up. Click on the pdf next to the title.

1. Bailey's Tavern - Bailey's Tavern

2. Balanced Rock -

3. Battle of Ridgefield - Battle of Ridgefield

4. Decker Farm - T W Decker Farm

5. Delancey Hall - Delancey Hall

6. Fallen Men

7. Friends Meeting House

8. Grants

9. History Keepers - History Keepers

10. History Walk

11. Keeler Lane Bridge - Keeler Lane Bridge

12. Lobdell - Lobdell

13. Mile Markers - Milemarkers

14. Missing Pieces - Missing Pieces

15. Native Americans, A Time before North Salem

16. Native American Footprints - Native American Footprints

17. Rochambeau - Rochambeau

18. Special Places

19. Wheeler Mills - Wheeler Mills

20. Yerkes Tavern